04 May 2013


Would you like to live? Would you like to live on planet earth? Do you like clean water? And clean air? Do you want to eat? Do you love your children?

  It's time to act!

We will help them, so they can help us!

Please give your vote and help all together!

Stop the crimes against our home, Planet Earth!  Please HELP stop the stupidity!


01 May 2013

What happened 5 months ago

Explosion. A many large and many small explosions. A lot of smoke and nasty odors. What was happening? Rather, ask what did not happened. Overpressure valve did not worked. Result: The chain reaction. Faulty battery cell exploded. Conductive contents fell into the battery, and the process began...
Very expensive CHINAs scum!

What happened next!. We tried to blow up different battery cells. Finally I found a solution that seemed to be not so dangerous

And now again, my lovely vehicle is equipped with a new battery.

29 April 2013

I wanted to go for a ride

and oh ...
Interestingly, these tires are made of shit?