04 October 2014

Chilly cruise on chilly evening

Couple days ago I did little ride with Chilly. On flat ground 350W mid-drive motor is good for cruising. With thumb-throttle only I got speed up to 33 km/h and with pedaling 36 km/h. Don’t forget, this bike is heavy.

And suspension … It’s hard to find right words to explain or describe it. Probably on next ride with my regular bike, I’ll hurt my butt as I’ll forget to lift it from saddle on side curbs and potholes :) Chilly’s suspension smoothed smaller curbstones so that I heard, but didn’t feel riding over them. Even riding on old town’s cobblestone streets was okay.

I made some photos and now overlooking them it seems that I’ve just photoshoped the background on them :)

I also made videos:

After spending nighthours to upload those  pictures and two videos with slow wi-fi internet and finding in the morning that uploaded video quality is very poor, I decided, that I'll upload those two and other videos I made from this cruise, when I find a way to upload them in right resolution. Hopefully it doesn't take very long.