15 October 2014

Handcrafted aluminum mudguard by Klaus, Vol. 1

Klaus is in mojo with building his Liberator J├Ągermeister and he is currently finishing rear mudguard.

At first he was trying to find solution using different “donors” and prefabricated details, but at one point he understood, that it’s not the right way. So he decided to make mudguard from scratch to meet his needs.

I’ll add pictures of the building process, starting with model, rolling, making the curves, welding and finishing. He used special 2 mm aluminum that stretched nicely with bends, but in final form is strong and stable. Klaus’s goal was to make this mudguard in top quality, and he managed that. Powder coating is going straight on; there will be no messing with filler.

Weight of mudguard is 1,6 kg what seems to be reasonable, considering how big it is. And as it’s handcrafted, then price of this mudguard reaches around 500€, if anyone is interested. There is possibility to make other shapes too and price would depend on shape, size and complexity.

Two things that are certain – when riding in rain, back will stay clean and this bicycle starts to look more like a motorcycle :)

Vol.2 will be about finished and installed mudguard and first impressions of it.

Here are pictures of building process and how it looks on Liberator J├Ągermeister.