22 July 2014

Frames ready for new exiting Liberators

Blog readers probably remember that last year we bent tubes for 10 bikes:

First bike that got one, was Polly's:

In spring we received our second generation suspension parts:

Just a week ago, we welded together three frames that will be built into Liberators in August-September:

Here are some pictures of ready frames and their weld quality:


Building Liberator with common parts takes usually 1-2 months and bikes are made by order; every bike is as customer like it to be. Frame is same for every bike, but it’s buyer’s choice if he/she likes suspension or stiff version; cruiser or regular seating position; wheel (front or rear) or bb motor; small or big battery; fix or with gears; size of wheels; etc.
All this influences price of every Liberator. Simplest Liberator (without our custom made suspension system, with small engine and battery, etc) prices start from 2500€ (~3400$). Liberator with every option (full suspension, descent motor and 20 Ah battery, SA hubs, etc) will start at 4500€ (~6100$). If customer wants for example Rohloff hub or 40Ah battery or some expensive handmade details, then these will raise the price. At the same time customer can be pretty sure, that he/she wouldn’t see another Liberator in exact same configuration.
If interested in buying a Liberator, contact us either through blog or our FB page and tell us what your dream Liberator configuration could be and we can tell you the price and build time.