29 December 2011

Makeing of Lazy drive (Liberaator team)

Brother Klaus - mechanics and CAD (turning the motor housing)
Brother Priit - ruler of all things, bureaucracy and electronics (doing something)
Brother Gabriel - the great creator, idea and design (dyno testing her daughters bike)

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Liberator Lazy, but what color?

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Liberator Economy . NB! The frame as changes since these days

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The welder as reincarnation of Crist... take a look

Have you seen such hand welding perfection?

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The final configuration

We have decided to make 4 models

1.Liberator Lazy. 2pcs.
Full suspension.
2kW hub motor with an integrated Shimano 3 gear gearbox for peddaling. And a 30Ah, 48V Lithium battery.
This should make 150km range when driveing 35km/h with a litle manual assistence.

2.Liberator Economy 1pcs.
An EU regulation pedelec with 250W motor and 16Ah, 36V battery. This is ment to provide Liberation for the buerocratic mind. As so often we meet people who tell us: "But this is not leagal". So rejoice buerocrates - you won :)

3.Liberator Freedom.
 A model for the purists, human powerd piece of art and driveing plesure, for true Liberation.

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The result.....

I cant take my eyes of it. Love at first sight. The naked truth revealed, beauty at its purest.
A true custom electric cruiser, with endless possibilities.

A year of dreaming and hard work is materializing in front of me.

Made in my self, made by friends, made in Estonia!

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The frame ...my precious!!!

A 100% hand craftid tube frame. Its steel for now but we dream of aluminium. But still, its no disaster right now with "only" 8,5kg, together with our super front fork.

We made our own custom support stand for welding the frames precisely!

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Geting the material, finding proffessional craftsmanship; a catastrophy. We went through a lot of companys to find the best tube bending equipment and proffesional help, but got only denays and stupid answers. At one point it felt like, to hell with it, that our idea must die in this cloaca we live in and nobody cares. But finaly we found one good guy Ülo(Hydrover OÜ) who let us use is machines and help and promised to do it too in the future.

With shaky hands we made our first bends...

I wish we had a Bender :)

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Why does it look the way it does?


This one frame combines two different riding styles and both rigid and suspension options.

To change the ride configuration, one has simply to turn around the battery and drive assembly.

The reare can be used rigid or the suspension system can be easyly added.

So four different combinations are possible pluss aditional options in selecting the motor type.
It could even be gasoline or steam  - that would be cool - a steem human hybrid :)

But even without all the addons the frame makes a ideale cruiser bike.

And the possibilites for customizing the seat and handlebars are endless. So a perfect frame for DIY for creative people.

If te first bikes turn out right we can maybe sell the naked frame or up to a finished bike with all the selectable features.

And I add a picture of the two different ride styles - cruiser and classic.

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Choices are made

Yess.... the quibbleing is done. We have decided to build four bikes, with three allready haveing owners. After a lot of 3D modeling we finally can get down to makeing the production drawings. It took half a year to go through all the ideas and choisses. What suspension - front, back, what motor, how much battery ect.?

The design is inpierd by the love for old bicycles. A style with passion, new technology and love for DIY. A style that is brakeing free, even when standing on paper.

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Human desiers..

I know I want to ride - ride in style and comfort and free - free of noise, oil, money and the stupid system we live in. In our humble imagination, this cn only mean electric. A light 2 wheeled vehicle, only meant to move the human corpus and as little clutter as it takes. I dont need a roof and under seat heating. O, so many ideas...

And then a surprising osticle - what should such a wehicle look like? Futuristic? This might be too obtrusive? Mybe something conciliatory from the past? O, I cant decide... I want to make them all.

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World war three

If you steal our ideas we put a jihad on you.............. our Chinese friends.


It's hard to hard to watch madness called economy today........... stupidity and greed in the service of power mongering. And this "economy" is sacrificeing the resources of our little planet in a way that is not sustainable even in a short term any more. And this is the motivation to step slowly out of this system to something better. As society does not really suport this idea a lot has to be done on your own. And a big step in this process is transportation.And the first realizatioon is that I'm not in  hurry. Why do I have to rush? From one xMas to the next, or to my deth? I want to be with my kids nd remember the time spent together. Fuck it........ i need feerdom........ I need a Liberator. I need something that embodies my attitude to life gives me the freedom, fun and plesure time to enjoy it. I dont want to think about the power of oil and dont worry bout the prices rising and what happens when it runs out.

This is wath inspierd me to create The Liberator - a vehicle that only needs me and the sun to drive. A hybrid of human will and power of light. Free of greed monopolies and intrigue. An ambassador of the deepest desires.

In this blog I want to write about this bike from creation to end and show the struggle of the creators against the system.