29 December 2011


It's hard to hard to watch madness called economy today........... stupidity and greed in the service of power mongering. And this "economy" is sacrificeing the resources of our little planet in a way that is not sustainable even in a short term any more. And this is the motivation to step slowly out of this system to something better. As society does not really suport this idea a lot has to be done on your own. And a big step in this process is transportation.And the first realizatioon is that I'm not in  hurry. Why do I have to rush? From one xMas to the next, or to my deth? I want to be with my kids nd remember the time spent together. Fuck it........ i need feerdom........ I need a Liberator. I need something that embodies my attitude to life gives me the freedom, fun and plesure time to enjoy it. I dont want to think about the power of oil and dont worry bout the prices rising and what happens when it runs out.

This is wath inspierd me to create The Liberator - a vehicle that only needs me and the sun to drive. A hybrid of human will and power of light. Free of greed monopolies and intrigue. An ambassador of the deepest desires.

In this blog I want to write about this bike from creation to end and show the struggle of the creators against the system.