29 December 2011

The final configuration

We have decided to make 4 models

1.Liberator Lazy. 2pcs.
Full suspension.
2kW hub motor with an integrated Shimano 3 gear gearbox for peddaling. And a 30Ah, 48V Lithium battery.
This should make 150km range when driveing 35km/h with a litle manual assistence.

2.Liberator Economy 1pcs.
An EU regulation pedelec with 250W motor and 16Ah, 36V battery. This is ment to provide Liberation for the buerocratic mind. As so often we meet people who tell us: "But this is not leagal". So rejoice buerocrates - you won :)

3.Liberator Freedom.
 A model for the purists, human powerd piece of art and driveing plesure, for true Liberation.

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