29 December 2011

Why does it look the way it does?


This one frame combines two different riding styles and both rigid and suspension options.

To change the ride configuration, one has simply to turn around the battery and drive assembly.

The reare can be used rigid or the suspension system can be easyly added.

So four different combinations are possible pluss aditional options in selecting the motor type.
It could even be gasoline or steam  - that would be cool - a steem human hybrid :)

But even without all the addons the frame makes a ideale cruiser bike.

And the possibilites for customizing the seat and handlebars are endless. So a perfect frame for DIY for creative people.

If te first bikes turn out right we can maybe sell the naked frame or up to a finished bike with all the selectable features.

And I add a picture of the two different ride styles - cruiser and classic.

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