20 January 2012

Pure innocence, a bicycle with handbag, no electricity 2 different riding position

Bicycle. Yes it is a bicycle.
Leave the motor and battery, and it's a bicycle.(Look at the new picture.)
This Concept is a highly configurable. The frame is the same.
But the choice of components can essentially build 6 different bikes.
Powerful e bicycle, 250W pedal assistant, and a normal bicycle.
Pedal and/or  battery 180 deg turning or only move, you can choose from two driving position.
Do a full suspension, rigid rear end, the fork springs. Or a normal fork.

For example my needs, the bicycle is not enough
My daily mileage of 40 km.
Monthly approximately 800-1000 km And electricity costs just 3 € .Why not take advantage of this.
But in style