26 June 2014

Behind new suspension design

Idea was to achieve maximum with minimal energy and material consumption. It’s more economical and ecological to design details that are interchangeable. With that there’s saving in time and material. Unfortunately it’s hard to make all details like that, but you always have to give your best, like we did.
With openings and fixing solutions we tried to foresee possible future solutions. Both suspension and frame are similar in that - LEGO is the keyword. You design and calculate a bit longer and try to think everything through, to have more opportunities with fewer problems and remakes later.
Most of the outer parts of suspension are interchangeable between right and left side. You could also use either smooth or “waffle” side outside, depending on your preference. Or, you can simply just turn them around whenever you like, it doesn’t influence performance of suspension system.
We have installed Bafang / 8FUN BBS mid-drive motors to traditional bicycles, tricycles and Liberators for a year now and we like those kits. So we designed front fork and stem in the way, that they hide all the wiring and connectors of the kit, to give Liberator cleaner look. This design is useful with other motors and kits too.
Design of rear suspension cleaned rear of the frame and gives more spacious look to it. At the same time making rear wheel look more futuristic. It’s also perfect base to design different racks and fenders to give Liberator even more personal and unique look.
As we all like varieties and change, it’s much nicer and sensible to update and improve your existing bike, then buy a new one. Little Blue is a good example of that. With new suspension, we have travelled nearly a 1000 km in less then a month with Little Blue and we just love the performance of new suspension.