10 July 2014

Little cruise on 4th of June

On 4th of June TTK University of Applied Sciences organized test day for electric cars. As it took place in different towns, but start and finish was in Tallinn, then we decided to do little Liberaors cruise and go to see those electric cars in the evening. I was lucky to have opportunity to ride with Little Blue. It was my first test drive on streets and I have only good words about new suspension and amazingly quiet BBS mid-drive.

It was very comfortable to ride over small bumps on the road and low curbes without any need to lift my bottom from the seat. Unevenness of the road was like ironed out, it was really smooth ride. At the same time it felt stiff on turns and corners.

Bafang BBS mid-drive suites well for Liberator. It is REALLY quiet; it has wide assist range and enough power to move Liberator in every situation. Low assist level was very useful when we had to go through crowded sections or just wanted to enjoy scenery. I didn’t have to worry about too fast accelerations, I just cruised at suitable minimum speed. But on free roads, with maximum assist, it was joy to accelerate and ride without effort.

I enjoyed that small Liberators cruise and as Liberators got so much attention, electric cars stayed in background for us. Our cruise was approximately 30 km that evening and I loved every km of it. After cruise it was really hard to leave Little Blue and drive home with my regular bike.