27 October 2014

Allow us to introduce: Liberator Insane

Beside Liberator Chilly, in our laboratory is coming together our new Liberator, called Insane. In technical terms Insane is somewhere 90% identical to Chilly – having same frame, suspension, motor, battery, etc. Main differences, which firstly come in mind, are in:

1.  Wheel size. Insane has 24” front and 26” rear wheel.
2. Brakes. Chilly has disc brakes, Insane Sturmey Archer drum brakes.
3. Handlebar. Chilly has low and wide handlebar that gives stealth look, Insane in the other hand has medium size “ape hanger”. I haven’t had chance to ride with Insane, but sitting position feels much more convenient.
4. Mudguards. Insane has mudguards with our own rear connections. Those connections are designed in a way that you could connect via them mudguards, rear rack, etc.
5. Lights. Although both bikes have LED lights running on battery, then shapes are chosen to match bike’s design.
Other minor differences come from color scheme :)

Both Liberators should be finished this week. Currently we are waiting for custom made kickstands. After installing them we can stow away cables, do some last touches and then bikes could hit the road :)

Here are some pictures (made with cell phone) of both bikes that I took on Saturday.